Peru Business, Govt Leaders Take Road Show to Middle East, Europe

Peruvian government and business leaders have traveled to the Middle East and Europe this week, as they look to attract investments under the inPeru program, state news agency Andina reported.

The Peruvian delegation is led by Economy and Finance Minister Luis Miguel Castilla and includes executives from many of Peru’s top businesses, as well as other high-ranking government officials.

In the Middle East, the delegation will meet with government officials and business leaders from the United Arab Emirates in the cities of Abu Dabhi and Dubai. Afterwards, they will travel to London and Frankfurt.

“We have very high expectations for the Emirates,” the head of inPeru, Jose Antonio Blanco, said. “Peru is now a very important destination for their investments in Latin America, but without a doubt these flows could be better and grow even more.”

The road show is the fourth that inPeru has embarked on since it was formed about 18 months ago. Previous road shows have focused on the United States and Asia. Another road show is planned this year, in October, to China, Japan and South Korea.

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