Peru Declares State of Emergency in Puno as Temperatures Drop

Peru’s government has declared a state of emergency in parts of the southern Andean region of Puno that have been hit with the coldest temperatures in a decade, daily El Comercio reported.

President Ollanta Humala, visiting the area this week, announced the emergency for seven provinces in Puno – Carabaya, Sandia, Lampa, San Antonio de Putina, Melgar, Puno and El Collao.

Hundreds of families have been affected and more than 250,000 alpacas have died due to freezing temperatures and snow storms that have hit the southern highlands.

Vehicles on the highway between Puno and Arequipa were also affected. Passengers on interprovincial buses were forced to wait some eight to 10 hours on the icy highways at temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius.

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  1. Amicus curiae says:

    so 54 children and now some 1/4 of a million alpacas dead this year.
    how many died of heat in any past years to match this sort of toll?
    warming? really?
    not if you look at UNtampered global temp figures it is NOT!
    my sincere sympathy for the poor people and their animals who have died.
    my Rage is for the idiots spending nations time n money misleading funding for warmist agendas that neglect to plan for anything BUT people die of cold and flooding etc.

    • jim bob redneck says:

      Every politician or person in power has an agenda. Depending on where the money flows in from depends on how they stand on issues. I agree about the global “warming” / climate change garbage, but the fact is there is too much money involved to silence it.

    • 15 to 20 times as many people die in the cold compared to heat. One of the hundreds of facts lost on the idiot climatists.

    • The 54 dead children is from a story in 2009, but I agree with you wholeheartedly on the wasting of money to battle something I do not believe mankind is causing or can solve.

    • I agree. Peruvians and alpacas are high-altitude dwellers, so for that many to die from the prolonged cold is a significant event. The human and economic impacts are tragic for this small, stoic nation. May God hold the victim’s families in his hands. As for the global warming fools…..pffft!

    • Truer words were never spoke.

    • If your interested in why and how the global warming push got its start go here and listen – you may be surprised. I suggest you study agenda 21 that has been signed on to by a large number of countries and will affect you and land ownership just to mention one area.

      If you want to really know where the world is going as far as temperature is concerned go here

      copy and paste the http urls in address bar.

    • I agree with you Amicus. While the world worries about the Polar Bears “losing” their habitat, what about the Alpacas “losing” theirs? How foolish are we supposed to be to accept that we have to suffer “cold” when they’re hoisting “Global Warming” on us…oh, sorry, Climate change. “It’s supposed to get cold, before it gets hot”. (I voted for it before I voted against it-John Kerry)

    • Drill Baby Drill says:

      Damn coal plants

    • Alpaca’s are known for their fur witch is used to make socks, gloves etc how cold would it have to get to kill that many animals? There are people who breed them in Canada and the winters can get cold. Hopefully there will be some follow up reports on the issue and I totally agree with Amicus about the global warming swindle.. It’s all business to them & carbon tax is their agenda

      • Alpacas can survive in minus 40 degrees if they have food and water. How can anything or anyone survive if they can’t eat or drink when everything is frozen solid?

    • You obviously don’t understand global warming…

    • Paul Tarsuss says:

      Many are still unaware that earth has shifted it’s orbit slightly, but enough to cause the sun to appear much further north during the northern hemisphere’s summer months. This makes it much colder during these months for the southern hemisphere. In 2010, millions of fresh water dolphins, fish, and other subtropical animals died as the temperature in parts of Brazil and mostly Bolivia, reached over 30 degrees below zero, and were colder than the south pole for the month of july.

      It seems ironic that the sun, being hotter, is also responsible for more extreme cold as well, but that is because earth is now dipping slightly below the old ecliptic plane in summer and slightly above in winter. Also, the earth is wobbling pretty good now.

      One can google – “Huge Media Blackout Regarding Earth and Moon Orbital Changes” to see more evidence of these things.

      Compare these facts with Luke 21:25-28. Google – 2012 hottest year in 11,000 years according to scientists and compare with Revelation 16:8.

      These changes have only really begun, and as the earth’s surface is 70% water, it’s certainly no wonder that the increased melt off of the northern arctic ice, causes record lows as the countless tons of melted water migrate toward the equator. The ocean surface temperatures largely govern weather over land.

      The south polar ice sheet has increased this year during their winter more than ever, but look where the sun is, being much further north than before the orbital change and wobble, it stands to reason that these extremes have increased.

      Remember, the tropic of cancer which runs through central mexico marked the furthest north that the sun’s direct rays could reach, for thousands of years. In recent years, the sun now rises in the direction of New Foundland, Canada and sets in the direction of Vancouver Canada on June 21st at summer solstice.

      Waaayyy off the old norm.

      Interesting days.

    • Amen.

    • @Amicus, It’s sad that your politics don’t allow you to see winter and summer, and the fact that they continue to exist. The concept of climate change and its impacts are clearly beyond your ability to comprehend. simple minds don’t comprehend complex issues. you are example 1.

  2. Amicus Curiae – Please become more informed on what all global warming entails. Global warming causes ice to melt and larger amounts of water vapor to enter the atmosphere – for periods, this causes a cooling effect as well (similar to how sweat cools the body, by evaporative cooling). Global warming is characterize by increased disruptions in normal weather patterns.

    • Except that there has NOT been an increase in extreme weather. That’s media manipulation to con the easily suggestible, low-information masses to buying the narrative they need for their agenda. Seek out the actual facts on extreme weather. It’s the same as it has always been.
      More population (especially in risky areas) makes its effect on humans greater and therefore the greater media obsession with covering it.

    • Branded, you may want to rethink your position. Ice melts causing water vapors, vapors cause cooling. Ok so far. Cooling causes the coldest weather in decades. Ice refreezes and then some, and we are right back where we started. Except it’s a bit cooler. And that’s a fact. In fact there has been no global warming in 15 years.

    • @Brandon Of course we all know what we are talking about because we have have observed it many times and we All Know what is Normal- or at least what is normal in our little lifetimes

    • Sounds more like a self regulating planet as you describe, but you failed to mention the growing ice sheet at the south pole, what happens as the sun calms down, temperature rises on mars, but lets blame everything on man.

  3. Obviously the media got this one wrong. Global warming dictates these poor alpacas died of heat stroke.

  4. Wish we could send some of our hot air down to you, but Al Gore has other speaking engagements.

  5. Remember, this is weather, not climate…. it’s only climate when it helps drive the CAGW narrative!

  6. The reason the “global warming” nonsense ever got started…. money and power. The power to control you. CO2 = the stuff you exhale. So a tax on C02 = tax on your right to exist/live. The ultimate tax, from the ultimate power-mad sociopaths.

    The fact that so many idiots swallowed the nonsense is the primary fact to be worried about. It points out, clearly, the stupidity of the general populace. It points out the ridiculousness of allowing half-wits to “vote” on something which will affect people who “vote” against it. It points out the tyranny of “rule by mob” (“democracy”, one of the most corrupt and evil forms of government).


  7. Consultofactus says:

    In a related story, McDonalds has just announced a two-for-one McRib special…

  8. How many times does a lunatic ‘liberal’ have to tell you that global warming involves freezing to death and the return of global glaciation? Are you DEAF???

  9. If you do your homework, one can see that Scientists have discovered that all across our solar system, every planet is having climate changes, angle changes and lots more. Now, since the big claim is to get the tax for co2, I am still wondering how the cars changed all of the planets in the solar system?

  10. But Al, the great one, Gore keeps telling us it is global warming.

    A good read would inform that South America has been experiencing some very cold winters for a few decades. Perhaps a wobble in our spin would account for more than all the CO2 in the air. Keep in mind the earth has experienced much more of a rise in [email protected] due to volcanic activity than what mankind is being blamed for doing now. Volcanic activity is doing more in a day or so than we are emitting all year long. How will we stop that problem AL?

  11. Maybe if Peru asked Al Gore to visit, the tempeture would rise 20% just from all of his hot air. If he brought his movie ” an inconvenient truth” maybe it would rise another 10%. And if he brought his so-called scientists, maybe even a few more degrees. Whala! no more cold.

  12. Rory B. Bellow says:

    Hold on, All Gore is still trying to figure out how to spin this as global warming.

  13. This is a recuring problem for the indigenous peoples living in the high mountain areas. The food animals and children die of pneumonia. They need solar and wind power / electricity plus natural gas to heat their homes. They also need barns for shelter for their animals.

  14. Some of us have noticed the problem:
    http:// wattsupwiththat. com/2013/08/29/snowfall-in-south-america/#more-92699

  15. They must not have got Al Gore’s memo on Global Warming.

  16. Globull warmening causes cold weather.

  17. It’s George W. Bush again. When is the world going to realize he’s guilty of everything bad. Just ask any leftist (Liberal, Socialist, Communist).

  18. Where is global warming when you need it?!

    Terrible news about the Alpacas…

  19. Amicus, This is just the beginning. It will likely get much colder over the next decade or so. It happens every 110-130 years, as sunspot activity decreases to a level called a “solar minimum”. The last minimum was called “Dalton”, and it occurred in 1910.

    Previous minimums, like Ort, Sporer and Wolf have been said to have wiped out entire civilizations, like the early Norse settlements in Greenland, fully half if Northern Europe (Wolf, minimum), during “The Great Famine” in 1315, and even the Mayan civilization – though the last is merely conjecture.

    Dalton’s potential to wreak havoc were minimized by the invention of the combine harvester and railroads to transport food to areas that normally would suffer from a significantly shortened growing season for crops. But in 1910, the population of the planet was only 1.5 billion.

    Go look-up the National Geographic series on “The Global Food Crisis”. We’ve long since surpassed the social safety net provided by technological advancements like the combine harvester.

    The next few years are going to deliver a very strong wake-up call to the species known as Homo Sapiens!

  20. BTW: Don’t forget to look-up those pictures of Niagra Falls in 1910 too. Snow in Malibu, California may not seem normal – but then again, what is “normal”, may be a lot larger than the span of a single human life. Until you live through it, what can you really know? That’s why studying history is so SO important.

  21. Global warming strikes again.

  22. “Warmist agendas”… I love it. Perfect term, I’ll be using it too.

  23. Global warming will be the death of us all…by hypothermia.

  24. Can you imagine how cold it would be without Al Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING???

  25. It’s the Alpacalypse…

  26. This is very sad story to hear of the deaths.

    It may take time. But the alarmist on global warming
    should be seen as frauds sooner or later.

    When do people realize, the problem is not global warming

    the problem is over population

    and people moving into riskier and riskier areas.

    The earth has always changed over time,
    just look at the Sahara Desert ( you know it was not always a desert).


    When do people tackle the greater issue, POLLUTION and the worst type

    Fukishima in Japan will likely and almost immediately destroy millions
    of lives human and animal.

    And you hear nothing.

    Of course we should be careful I do not doubt Al Gore will jump this train too
    and take credit for something he has done nothing about.


  27. Paging Al Gore. Paging Al Gore. Send memo to Peru.

  28. Where’s that global warming when you need it? We need to fly AlGore down there to open his mouth and warm up the place. Then you can keep him.

  29. Randy Breitbart says:

    In the United States, we recently had a memorial service for thousands of bees killed accidentally by the incorrect application of insecticides at a shopping center. I’m guessing that the 250,000 alpacas killed by cold weather in Peru won’t be similarly memorialized, since these deaths might call into question the Global Warming narrative.

  30. Morgan Freeman says:

    I guess Alpacas aren’t as smart as Penguins.

  31. Dan Halderman says:

    so the earth is warming? wow, i can really see it now. of course the global warmers will say extreme cold is part of a warming planet. they have an answer for everything.

  32. for the love of humanity, the Alpacalypse is upon us!!!

  33. What Peru needs a visitation from Al Gore. With all of his hot air, I’m sure he can balance out the temperature.

  34. I think they can blame Al Gore, he told everybody the earth was warming up,,,so sue him.

  35. The 54 kids were in 2009. Read the stories before you quote facts from the titles.

  36. Uh-oh. We better raise taxes on everyone in America so we can pay for the global warming- whoops- it is now called “climate extremes” that we have caused in Peru. Al Gore is trying to ring the cash register by selling Peru some “carbon credits” that will solve all of their problems. Wake up world- temperatures vary over centuries. Humankind is not the problem. Taxing everyone to change the weather is a ridiculous scheme to enrichen the elite (Al Gores) at the expense of the masses.

  37. eat your heart out al gore!!

  38. With all due respect:

    “Heat is one of the leading weather-related killer in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year. In the disastrous heat wave of 1980, more than 1,250 people died. In the heat wave of 1995 more than 700 deaths in the Chicago area were attributed to heat, making this the deadliest weather event in Chicago history. In August 2003, a record heat wave in Europe claimed an estimated 50,000 lives.”

    source: http:// www. nws

  39. bunch of idiots and tinfoil hat wearing crazies up in this comments section.

  40. Pamela Matlack Klein says:

    It is a good idea to remember that everyone talks about the weather but no one can do anything about it. The same goes for climate change, this is a natural process that our planet goes through constantly and on a geological time frame. Humans just don’t live long enough to grasp how natural climate change is. As a species, we have survived many major changes in Earth’s climate due to our ability to adapt to almost any conditions we encounter. It is foolish to panic in the face of climate change, far better to come up with sensible ways to adapt to these inevitable climatic variations.

    As for those poor alpacas that perished in Peru, they starved to death because they could not get to their forage under the snow. Their owners were unable to reach the animals to bring them more food. -15 C is only 5 F, a temperature commonly reached all across the upper tier of the US and into Canada during the winter. It is, after all, winter in the southern hemisphere.

  41. On the other hand… weather swings have been commonly occurring for millenia.. every 11 years or so, in fact, the solar minimum and maximum take place. Ebb and flow.. and they are no doubt part of a larger cycle, then a larger one yet, that we have not seen in any of our lifetimes or in observed history.
    http:// www. nasa. gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/solarmin-max.html

    And to try to say that the less than 1% of mankinds’ contribution to atmospheric Co2 (mostly blamed for “global warming”– err.. climate change..) is responsible for these enormous cyclic changes is quite arrogant at best, and dangerous to our planet at worst when they take steps to “control it” by artificial means. That would mean at it’s end, some OTHER NATURAL CYCLE will then be put out of kilter, all for the “extravagant enjoyment” of today’s planet meddlers.

    Of course, nothing wrong with being responsible stewards of the planet, but these climate changers and alarmists are way out of their depth when they think they know what is best for the planet. Really!??

    The carbon sequestration and credits scheme is just one more grandiose attempt to make the creators of this new industry extravagantly wealthy, as Algore has already demonstrated (while being one of the planets’ more extravagant consumers of carbon!), and secure just another means to control and promulgate the human population towards a global NWO and Agenda 21 objectives. RESIST!!! No compli`!!

  42. I would bet my last dollar the snow in Peru is laden with artificial ice nucleating elements/chemicals.

    http:// www. peruviantimes. com/28/peru-declares-state-of-emergency-in-puno-as-temperatures-drop/20080/

    There is nothing natural about these events. They can make it snow on a scale that boggles the mind. They can turn the warm to cold in a day. I offer the example of Amarillo TX May 1st 2013,
    it was 98 degrees, a record high, it snowed the following day, May 2 2013, with record cold.
    There is NO natural weather at this point.

    Watch, Former Prime Minister of British Columbia, Zahm ask governments to come clean on their use of geoengineering/chemtrails and “The Most Important Topic of Our Time at http:// www. geoengineeringwatch. org

    http:// www. geoengineeringwatch. org/geoengineered-snow-storms-wreaking-havoc-around-the-globe/

    http:// www. geoengineeringwatch. org/geoengineered-snowstorms-the-snowmen-turning-warmth-into-winter-part-1/

    http:// www. geoengineeringwatch. org/geoengineered-snowstorms-the-snowmen-turning-warmth-into-winter-part-2/

  43. Check out Guy McPherson Human Extinction by 2030 due to climate change (several irreversible positive feedback loops that will cause climate and environmental collapse).

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