INEI: Youth poverty down 13.7 percent from 2004-2009

Youth poverty in Peru’s regions has fallen by 13.7 percent from 2004-2009, state news agency Andina reported a study by national statistics and technology bureau INEI.

The study looked at the average income, monthly expenses and basic necessities that go unmet for men and women between 15-29 years old.

According to the study, there are 7.55 million youths in Peru and 30.1 percent of them are living in poverty, compared to 43.8 percent in 2004.

The rates of poverty for this group, however, are unequal with higher concentrations in Peru’s Andean highlands and Amazon basin. The departments with the highest rates of youth poverty, which ranges between 50-60.7 percent, are Huancavelica, Apurimac, Loreto, Cajamarca, Pasco, Amazonas, Puno, Ayacucho and Huanuco.

The next highest poverty rates, which are between 34.7-41.8 percent, are found in La Libertad, Cuzco and San Martin regions.

The rate in Tumbes, Ucayali, Lambayeque, Junin, Ancash and Piura departments is between 23.1-31.3 percent.

The departments with the lowest youth poverty rates – between 9.1-18.2 percent – are Madre de Dios, Ica, Lima, Tacna, Arequipa and Moquegua.

More than 31 percent of the youths have at least one unsatisfied basic need. About 8.5 percent live in homes that are physically inadequate, while 14.3 percent don’t have plumbing.

The per capita monthly expense for the youths is about 412 soles ($147), while their monthly income averages 507 soles. Almost half of the youths (45.9 percent) are economical active.

In addition, the illiteracy rate for this group is 1.9 percent, while 3.2 percent of those who are older than 18 years do not have Peru’s national identification (DNI). Finally, 160,258 of the adolescent women from 12-19 years old have children.

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