New Round of Protests Take Off Against Youth Labor Law

Lima youth protest youth labor law in third major demonstrationOpponents of a new youth labor law took to the streets again on Monday, a third time that students and others have protested the legislation.

Newspaper Peru.21 reported that hundreds of young people gathered in downtown Lima’s Plaza San Martin to protest against the youth labor law, which has faced significant backlash since it was approved earlier this month.

Peruvian media reported that police were stationed throughout Lima’s historic downtown to provide security and prevent the protests from getting out of hand.

Opponents of the legislation also held protests outside the private home of President Ollanta Humala, located in Lima’s Surco district, as well as in front of the office of Peru’s biggest business organization, Confiep, in San Isidro.

President Humala and other high-ranking government officials have said the law is key to reduce unemployment and informal employment, which is widespread in the Andean nation.

The law, passed by Congress, aims to create jobs for people between the ages of 18 and 24 by allowing businesses to hire them and put them on the payroll but without the social benefits of service compensation fund, bonuses, family bonus, and a share in profits. The social benefits are incorporated if the business continues to employ the person after he or she turns 25.

Youth protesters say the legislation would curb their labor rights.

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  1. I think the new law is not only a good idea for Peru with some exceptions but should be applied in the US. I think part of the youth’s payroll should help support social programs as well as taxes. I think the age for receiving benefits should be lowered for those that have earned college degrees or become disabled.
    Minimum wage for those under 25 and not attending college or trade schools should be accepted because it encourages youth to further their education and is temporary. These actions will help youth to practice frugality while hugely benefiting the economy. Severe punishment laws should be put in place for any financial improprieties by government and business officials including imprisonment no matter what position they hold.

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